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Empire Remix jalan USJ1 Subang Jaya Malaysia

With over 1 million sq.ft of retail space, the mall was inspired by the Grand Canyon. Irregular shaped plans with generous skylights create undulating elevations that evoke the feeling of exploring the showplace of geology. Like the myriad topographical layers that support diverse ecosystems, this vast consumerist temple stretches through different zones of attractions and activity, interspersed with community spaces, green terraces and water features.

The shopping podium serves as the conceptual foundation for the entire development, defining the spatial organisation and functional relationship for five other developments within the site. SOHO and Balance Towers, housing offices and SOHO units; crystal tower, a block of residential apartments; and scholar tower, a student accommodation extend from the podium.  Direct access to the urban context provides a seamless connection that completes the sensual experience of navigation.

Proposed strata Bungalow in KL, Malaysia

Proposed strata Bungalow in KL, Malaysia

2011_Park+Associates Office, Singapore

Architectural firm Park + Associates has moved to new premises at 158 Cecil Street, at the heart of the Singapore business district. In line with the firm’s sensitivity to spaces, their new office features distinct spatial experiences designed to surprise the senses, where pure black and white are used for each room according to their functions, making movement through the space refreshing and dynamic.

“For the interior, we wanted to exaggerate the purity of black and white, so it is almost like experiencing night and day in the office as you move about,” says Principal Architect Lim Koon Park. “This new space also gives us room for growth and the ability to house all our staff on the same floor, rather than on separate floors in our old shophouse space. It has improved communication and cooperation significantly.”

More than half of the new office has been dedicated to communal spaces, emphasizing the company’s focus on discourse and dialogue, both internally and externally.

Guests are met by a luscious reception area in deep black, hemmed in by dark stained timber, which also doubles as a relaxing library and lounge area for staff. Quaint rabbit lamps line the way through a tube of soothing darkness, a welcome respite from the glare of the city.

In contrast, work areas glow in clean white, their functionality heightened with efficient lines, intelligent storage and creative lighting arrangements. The Studio makes up the largest working space and a full wall of live plants (complete with solar lamps) adds a layer of warmth to the sleek studio.  A long table in the centre of the main workspace brings designers together in an open meeting place that spurs brainstorming and open communication.

2009_Alnwick Road House, Singapore

The alnwick road house is named after the street where the house is situated. We were approached by the client with a very simple brief. After several meetings with the client, we realised that they were very simple, open minded yet design conscious. As such, we wanted to design a house that would reflect their personality. Throughout the whole process of design and construction, we were conscious to think through even the smallest detail, e.g junction between stair tread and the marble floor.

As for the form-making, we experimented with the idea of boxes and its function. How each box can encompass a function and the sizes/volume of the boxes will be determined by the requirements of the functions within. The boxes can be juggled around, stacked and manipulated to create a larger mass. Something like uno stacko, where the blocks are different sizes. As a result, the house is a series of smaller boxes anchored to a bigger box at the rear, via a porous central space. each of the smaller boxes contain different functions. Sitting right above this play of boxes is a black steel and glass box, which contains the most important space in the whole house, the master bedroom suite.


2011_Sophia Road, Singapore

Proposed new erection of 5 storey residential flat with roof terrace, communal swimming pool and basement carparks at Sophia Rd (71units)

2011_Duku Road, Singapore

Proposed new erection of 5 storey residential flat with roof terrace, communal swimming pool and basement car park at Duku Road (51units)

2011_Buangkok, Singapore

Proposed new erection of 17 storey residential flat with roof terrace, communal swimming pool and basement car park at Buangkok Drive (544units)

2011_The Gardener, 20 Faber Grove, Singapore

The Gardener is a modern house nestled within a botanic sanctuary. A wrap around garden showcases a mixture of flowering trees, shrubs & lush ferns, whilst the kitchen deck offers a plethora of herbs and fruit trees for all to relish. A garden gazebo allows you to enjoy the gentle breeze and tropical vista beyond the house, green as far as the eye can see, and the pool provides cool relief on a sunny day.

Living and dining rooms have bright views of the garden through full height sliding glass doors, and the interior green wall brings the natural wonders of the surrounding into the heart of your home.

2011_Jalan Kapas, Malaysia

Proposed 2-Storey Detached Dwelling House with Basement, and Swimming Pool at Jln Kapas, Malaysia