2009_Alnwick Road House, Singapore

by P+A

The alnwick road house is named after the street where the house is situated. We were approached by the client with a very simple brief. After several meetings with the client, we realised that they were very simple, open minded yet design conscious. As such, we wanted to design a house that would reflect their personality. Throughout the whole process of design and construction, we were conscious to think through even the smallest detail, e.g junction between stair tread and the marble floor.

As for the form-making, we experimented with the idea of boxes and its function. How each box can encompass a function and the sizes/volume of the boxes will be determined by the requirements of the functions within. The boxes can be juggled around, stacked and manipulated to create a larger mass. Something like uno stacko, where the blocks are different sizes. As a result, the house is a series of smaller boxes anchored to a bigger box at the rear, via a porous central space. each of the smaller boxes contain different functions. Sitting right above this play of boxes is a black steel and glass box, which contains the most important space in the whole house, the master bedroom suite.